Diogo Costa Vasques

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Diogo Vasques

The Túlio M Araújo, Cristina Castro & Associados needed to have a link, with a geographical area of the country, where it has a portfolio of interesting clients, which is the area on the axis between Lisbon, Leiria (where Diogo Vasques is natural) and Coimbra.
Diogo Costa Vasques is an associate of Túlio M Araújo, Cristina Castro & Associados since 2010.
His characteristics are to be persistent, communicative and assertive and being in the right place at the right time.
He initiated at the Law Faculty of the University of Coimbra, having completed his studies at the legal branch at the Law Faculty of the Lusophone University of Lisbon.
He is member of the Lawyers Association and the Faculty of Law of Lisbon, Post Graduate in Law of Consumption and Post Graduate in Labour Law.
He likes to learn from who knows, he has a healthy living and he likes cars.
Diogo Vasques develops its work predominantly in the areas of:

  • Law Consumer
  • Law Labor
  • Tax and Corporate Law

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