Túlio Machado Araújo

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Túlio Machado Araújo

Lawyer with experience of 30 years and a long curriculum vitae, lerned at the Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra, where he was born.

Admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association since 1986 for two years he was lawyer in Oporto.

He opened a law firm in Lisbon, in 1988 and moved to this city.

He attended the Master in Legal Science at the Autonomous University of Lisbon in 2010.

Taught in a professional scholl and was Security Adviser in the transport activity for dangerous gooods.

He studied Management, which led to the management of various companies, but never too long to not be competing with any client, to the recovery of these, having obtained some certificates that enable the exercise of licensed activities management, including freight forwarding, transport, etc.

He was insolvency administrator, that in that time was called liquidator by the CPERF.

He likes to travel in order to meet other legal systems, other, other cultures.

Regularly accompanies national and international political developments.

His hobbies are swimming, painting and reading “paper books”, as he use to say.

His place of choice is the Trials room in any court.

Túlio Machado Araújo develops its work predominantly in the areas of:

  • Comercial Law
  • Civil Law
  • Family Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Transport Law

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