Túlio M Araújo, Cristina Castro & Associados
gives you a warm welcome to its website

The philosophy of legal practice of our team consists of:

• Provide the highest quality of legal representation
• Respond to your personal or professional needs
• Dealing with legal issues, competently
• Handle your legal issues with experience
• Give answers to your problems in a timely manner
• To represent your interests, effectively
• Hear you
Our team strives to work daily in order to provide our customers the most efficient and appropriate legal solutions to their lives and their businesses.
We transmit our knowledge on legal advice and assistance on legal rights and responsibilities, to be better able to represent our constituents in civil or criminal cases, business transactions and other matters, on legal advice and other essential assistance
There is no aspect of life that a legal opinion is not essential. We develop our work based on a sound knowledge of Portuguese reality, enabling us to offer legal technical services at a very high level
Our daily practice of law has created us valences that put TMA, CC & Associados in international action, which gave to our team know-how in international law. We are assisting clients ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations
Our legal services includes: Commercial and Corporate Law, Administrative Law, Insolvency, Tax, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Maritime and administrative offenses, Family and Probate
We are:

A) Lawyers

B) Lawyers in the same office

C) Lawyer trainee

A) Sócios

Túlio Machado de Araújo
Maria Cristina Castro
B) Outros Advogados

Maria de Fátima Botas
Dulce Azevedo
Andreia Carina Leitão
Vanessa Azevedo
C) Estagiários

Fernando Dias
Diogo Costa Vasques
Semmya Paula Soma
Barbara Machado
Mariana Biguino

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