Andreia Carina Leitão

Associated Lawyer – Túlio Machado Araújo, Cristina Castro & Associados.


Licensed by the Autonomous University of Lisbon in 2011 she is no longer the newest team member of this society.

Andreia Carina Leitão began working, as all trainee lawyers, in the criminal area.

But, quickly she realize that her area is more civilian and had special vocation for the analysis of the details of juridical relations, contractual or extra contractual relations, with particular interest to the new trends of Law.

She fills especially well under the documents, left by the constituents, with books or courts documents and with a computer keyboard close by.

She likes to finish her job with the feeling that the day was good.

Andreia Carina Leitão develops its work predominantly in the area of:

  • Civil law
  • Commercial law

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